Autohero in Oriolo/Pizzale

Located near Voghera, this site makes an important contribution to Autohero's success and to ensuring the outstanding quality of our vehicles.

Welcome to our workshop

Since mid-2022, our Autohero specialists from various vehicle-related areas have been working on the reconditioning of used cars on an area of over 120,000 m². From repairs to painting and cleaning, all stages of the refurbishment process are carried out here on site. Photos and videos of the vehicles are also taken in specially equipped stations to ensure not only outstanding quality but also full transparency for our customers.

Equipped with modern equipment, we recondition up to 23,000 vehicles a year at this location.

Areas of work at this location

Car Mechatronics

Inspect and Refurbish cars of all types and brands. Become a specialist or take cars through many different steps of the refurbishment process.


Analyse, mix and apply paints that match the color of various cars using state of the art equipment.

Delivery Experts

Drive one of our innovative glass trucks and deliver cars to our customers in the region. No overnight trips.


Use our innovative Equipment and tools to take the best pictures to give customers the best impression of our cars.

Our offer:

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All kinds of cars

Work on different types and brands

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No assembly line

Take cars through a wide variety of work steps

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Stable environment

Work in a multinational company

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Your Chance

Have opportunities for professional growth

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Learn new methodologies with state-of-the-art equipment

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Work Environment

Feel part of a very dynamic reality

Hear from our people


At AUTO1 Group, every day brings its own challenges, but with the right team, you can achieve anything.


Team Lead Business Support

Joined 2018


My job has become more versatile because of newly added processes. Thanks to my supervisors and colleagues I am able to adapt to every change.


Senior Workshop Assistant

Joined 2021


If you like challenges, to contribute ideas, knowledge and experience, then AUTO1 Group is your place. I have never been so motivated, accepted and integrated.


Senior Car Inspector - Mechanics

Joined 2021

Integral part of our operation

"We are proud to set up our in-house production centers in Italy, which are an integral part of our retail operation. Every production center is a significant driver in making our business more efficient and profitable. The two centers in Pizzale and Oriolo will allow us to offer more cars in excellent conditions including fast delivery, enabling us to continue to build the best way to buy and sell cars in Italy."

Christian Bertermann, CEO and Co-Founder of AUTO1 Group